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Harbin Hongqiang Seals Factory

Harbin Hong Qiang Seals Factory is a specialized manufacturer of medicine package and various plastic containers. Our products include 11mm crimp seals, 13mm crimp seals, 20mm crimp seals, 28mm easy open end, 32mm easy open end, vial seals, flip off seals, 20mm Aluminum with Center Tear Out,15mm,32mm,20mm Complete Tear Off, 20mm,13mm Flip Off, 20mm Flip Tear Off etc.

Products by Harbin Hongqiang Seals Factory

Sorry. This supplier has not yet added any product pictures. However, you can use the form below to contact the supplier.

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Harbin Hongqiang Seals Factory,
Miss Chen Nvshi,
No.155 Jichang Road,
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